Chapter 7 A Shocking Truth

Play this music whilst reading As the most trusted and respected member of the Iranian Government, Habibeh Namdar had no problem organising her address to the citizens of Iran. An announcement of a new gift to the people would be welcomed and ‘rubber stamped’ by officials and she would have live access to the nation […]

Chapter 6 A Simple Choice

Play this music whilst reading Discovering that everything you ever believed to be true, and held dear to you your entire life is actually a complete fabrication, is devastating. To have your reason for living, your vocation and your dreams smashed into tiny pieces, each piece a lie, is beyond comprehension. How could she, Habibeh […]


Play this music whilst reading Interstellar travel and inter-dimensional travel are two very different things, however, the one thing they do have in common is that they can’t be undertaken with a physical body. To travel from one star system to another requires speeds well in excess of light speed, 186,000 miles per second, at […]

Chapter 5 The People’s Palace

Play this music whilst reading “And finally, it gives me great pleasure to declare, The People’s Palace of Tehran, well and truly open,” announced Iran’s unofficial first lady and beloved figurehead of the revolution. “Millions of square metres of hotels, casinos, fine dining and designer shopping, gifted to us by our brothers and sisters from […]