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As the most trusted and respected member of the Iranian Government, Habibeh Namdar had no problem organising her address to the citizens of Iran. An announcement of a new gift to the people would be welcomed and ‘rubber stamped’ by officials and she would have live access to the nation through viewing screens, billboards and entertainment devices of every kind as well as a sizeable live audience at The Peoples Palace. With Simon Hayne, nearby to ensure her safety and escape, she would deliver her message, albeit necessarily brief. The shock wave from her announcement would be immense and the fallout unpredictable but what choice did she have? It would be a hammer blow to the nation’s psyche and devastate millions of loyal subjects but, the alternative would be too terrible to consider.

Simon slipped out of Habibeh’s apartment early that morning having arranged to snatch her away from the announcement stage immediately on completion of her address as a staged abduction. They would go to ground and await extraction by Hayne’s newly assembled loyal team.

“Good morning sister, you are looking radiant this morning,” announced a smiling Bijan as Habibeh exited the lift into the entrance lobby.

“Thank you Bijan, this morning I will be making a very special announcement, be sure to watch and spread my message,” she replied.

Walking towards her ministerial car, the People’s Princess felt her heart thump and her stomach turn somersaults as the dawning realisation of what she was about to do hit home. The driver-less Mercedes powered its way along the VIP lanes towards the Peoples Palace, unhindered by Tehran’s morning rush hour. Gripped tightly in her trembling hand, she held the one piece of devastating evidence that would trigger a new revolution, an uprising so massive that the ruling elite would be exposed for what they really are, Hayne’s data chip containing the footage of her President attending a full Satanic manifestation in the heart of Bohemian Grove.

Stepping out onto the stage, Habibeh Namdar had never felt as small and isolated as she did now. Right now she was a little girl again, frightened and insecure, a feeling she had not had since her days in the Government Children’s Home. This time however, she was a child with a very powerful and important message for humanity, a message that would change the direction of the world towards one of peace, love and equality.

“My beloved people, I stand before you today as one who you can trust with your whole heart. I stand before you as one who loves you and our country and I have a very special gift to share with you. My gift to you is the truth, the truth that will set you free and usher in a new world order, a world free from tyranny and evil the like of which fooled us into believing our own Government poisoned our water and subsequently took away our sovereignty.”

 Pointing to the huge overhead viewing screen, Habibeh announced, “This is who they are!”

The tortured screams of a child rang out in every home in Iran whilst the familiar image of President Aktah’s face filled their screens. A howling beast tore into the child’s torso and handed the still beating heart to the President who raised it to his lips. The screen went blank and Habibeh’s face filled the cross hairs of a sniper’s rifle. A single shot, an explosion of pink mist and Habibeh Namdar’s lifeless body slumped to the floor.

Undetected amongst the subsequent panic and stampede, a loan gunman melted into the crowd of shocked onlookers and, ditching his weapon, a ruthless and calculating Sergeant Hayne continued his mission.

Chapter 8 Hindsight

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