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Discovering that everything you ever believed to be true, and held dear to you your entire life is actually a complete fabrication, is devastating. To have your reason for living, your vocation and your dreams smashed into tiny pieces, each piece a lie, is beyond comprehension. How could she, Habibeh Namdar, the darling of the people, not have known what this English man was laying out before her very eyes. Evidence in the form of top secret documents, communications, images, receipts, records of conversations and video files all ramming a stake into her heart. It was irrefutable evidence collated over many years, signed and counter signed by some of the most influential people of the 21st Century, methodically assembled by Simon Hayne to form, what he called, the ‘Disclosure Project’. A hefty piece of leverage kept secret, should the time come that he needed to shift the balance of power, and that time had well and truly arrived. Once the ‘Disclosure Project’ had been opened, there was no turning back, the lid was off Pandora’s Box. He, Sergeant Hayne, loyal servant and confidant to the world’s elite, would begin the process of their destruction. One by one they would begin to fall until critical mass was achieved and the process would run under its own momentum, allowing him to melt into obscurity and wait to meet his creators. Hopeful that he had done enough to address the balance, hopeful that his recent actions would garner him the forgiveness he craved.

“My entire life has been a waste and a lie,” sobbed Habibeh. No women had been loved by a nation as much as Habibeh Namdar since Eva Peron. “Everything I have done, everything I achieved was for nothing!”

“No Habibeh, everything has led to this moment, now you will give your people and the people of the world the greatest gift imaginable, you will give them the truth.” Silhouetted against the window, Simon raised an arm and pointed to the distant glow from the lights of the People’s Palace some miles beyond the horizon. “Tomorrow, you will address your people and you will tell them what you now know to be the truth, talk to them as one of the people and they will listen.”

It was time for Simon to play his final card in convincing Habibeh to turn, to make the biggest speech of her life and become the pivot point in human history. He pressed play on his data wristwatch and cast the video to the giant screen in Habibeh’s apartment, watching as she slumped into her chair. The gut wrenching sound of a child’s tortured screams filled her ears while she watched, in disbelief, as a reptilian figure emerged from the smoke in what appeared to be a log cabin. The figure morphed and twisted until it was clear that she was witnessing the manifestation of pure evil. Every fibre in her body screamed at her to run, to flee, to block out what she was seeing but it was the two other figures in the cabin that compelled her to stay and force herself to watch. Two figures that she knew well, the unmistakable figures of Tamir Aktah and Julia Bannon, the two presidents of Iran and the United States of America.

“They will kill me, I will be assassinated!” begged this now broken, almost child like woman.

“That’s not how they work Habibeh, they won’t want you to become a martyr, that would damage them and weaken their hold. They will discredit you, perhaps site a mental illness or breakdown caused by the stress of your workload, maybe even claim you were coerced by the Chinese resistance. You will be sidelined, ousted to a minor department and then perhaps, when you are no longer in the public eye, you will develop an aggressive cancer and your death will be reported, at the end of the news, as a sad and tragic end to a once glittering career.”

“What choice do I have, if I do nothing then that will be my destiny,” exclaimed Habibeh, pointing to the vile images on her screen.

“I will come back for you Habibeh, you will join me in the fight to free humanity,” reassured Simon.

That night, the people’s princess of Iran just wanted to be held and loved. She fell into Simon’s arms and they made love. Love, being the operative word, an act that expressed her forgiveness for what he had done to her parents and half a million of her citizens. If love could overcome this, then it surely was the most powerful weapon of all. In the morning, she would do what had to be done, she would light the fuse and initiate the biggest explosion ever witnessed by humanity.

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