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Interstellar travel and inter-dimensional travel are two very different things, however, the one thing they do have in common is that they can’t be undertaken with a physical body. To travel from one star system to another requires speeds well in excess of light speed, 186,000 miles per second, at which point the vibrational frequency of the human form becomes unstable and ultimately disintegrates. Moving to a different dimension, or, remaining in the same physical space but re-tuning to a different reality, would result in the atomic structure of the human form losing its integrity and left unable to reassemble in the new dimension. As a species, humanity is trapped in this space-time continuum with no option but to live out our allotted time before reincarnating, with no memory of our previous existence.

This is not how it was meant to be. Until our creators return and free us from the shackles placed upon us by the Archons, we will continue this cycle of meaningless despair and questioning of who we are and why we are here. Many of the world’s religions include prophesies of a returning messiah who will break us free and give us the existence we know we should have, deep down in our subconscious, achingly close yet unachievable.

The Gospel of St. Thomas declares that the Kingdom of God exists upon the earth today if people just open their eyes. There is “divine light” within all of us, which allows us to see the Kingdom of God in our physical surroundings. We cannot open our eyes, we have been disconnected from the universe and have forgotten that we are made from the same cosmic dust. A computer that is not connected to the internet is the best analogy to describe what we have become. Infinite consciousness and awareness is our birthright, denied to us by the Archontic masters that rule our dimension.

We are, however, waking up, rising and becoming aware of what is and what should be. We have the power to manifest our own reality through imagination, meditation and faith. We do not have to dance to the tune dictated to us by an unseen hand that does not care for or love us. Our creators are returning and we can prepare for them by saying no. No, I will not kill my fellow man nor watch him go hungry when there is food on my plate. I will not stand idly by while a child suffers nor will I allow my Government to send soldiers to repel desperate and frightened brothers and sisters from my borders.

The weapons at our disposal to change our world to the one that was intended for us, are love and defiance.

“We love you, we are coming”

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