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Lord Harrington winced as the 747 touched down at Heathrow Airport. The psychologically induced pain he suffered was still with him as 300 tons of aircraft met the tarmac runway. Forced to endure the pain of a caburn assault in that log cabin in the heart of the Monte Rio redwoods, Harrington’s heart had stopped several times, only to be revived again and again to suffer further excruciating agony. A lasting reminder of who his master was and what he, or it, can do to him should he fail, left Harrington with no choice but to take care of the new threat. A threat that could result in the exposure of the elite rulers of the world. A threat that could reveal the puppeteers that control them, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to attack. If the people of the world knew how easy it would be to change the order and bring about freedom, equality and abundance for all, the resulting uprising would be swift and devastating to his way of life. A life, abnormally long and privileged, giving service and devotion to his Archontic masters, would end, leaving him as nothing more than a mere mortal facing the wrath and retribution of thousands of years of human enslavement.

Stopping Simon Hayne would not be easy and Harrington would miss him terribly, not only as a loyal and devoted servant, but as the only real friend he had in his 107 years on earth. Sadly, Simon had shown weakness in allowing Arthur to take his own life rather than handing him over to suffer the consequences of his actions. Mercy is a luxury the elite can ill afford and will only lead to their downfall, an irreversible change to the natural order and surrender of power to the masses. Most importantly, a loss of sustenance for the Archons as the regime of fear and suffering ends, raising human vibration to an inedible level resulting in starvation. Since the establishment of the One World Government, Bank and Military, it had become much easier to suppress and control nearly eight billion people. A perpetual state of fear, famine, disease and violence ensured the status quo and with total control of the media and enforcement organisations, human perception could be directed and manipulated at will. Maintaining the illusion of democracy and freedom of expression guarantees compliance, with self imposed society divisions, through religion and politics, crowning the system. A perfect system.

A ruthless killer, master tactician and intelligence strategist makes for a formidable enemy. An impossible target that would second guess, preempt and counter any attack. A full on, guns blazing, overwhelming assault would be one solution to taking down Sergeant Hayne, but that would require finding him first and there was no doubt in Harrington’s mind that his devoted employee had already seen the writing on the wall and gone to ground. Finding him would be next to impossible therefore, the only option would be to tempt Hayne out into the open, bring him in from the cold, out-wit him and tackle him on home territory. Attack is the best form of defense and Harrington knew that Simon would have to come after him to ensure his survival. That would be his weakness and, acting as bait, Lord Peter Harrington began laying the trap that would restore the order and satisfy his masters.

The Knoydart Peninsula in the Highlands of Scotland is one of the remotest places in the United Kingdom and home to Ladair Bheinn, one of Scotland’s 282 Munros. With nothing but golden eagles and red deer for company, Sergeant Simon Hayne of 11th Battalion SAS dug in for the night. Tomorrow he would begin his campaign to not only remove the immediate threat posed by his former employer, but embark upon the greater mission of bringing down and destroying the system that had created him. Hayne’s weapons of choice? defiance and love coupled with the awakening of the people. Of course, a certain level of violence would be necessary initially but that was unavoidable. Fortunately, violence was something that Simon did well and killing Peter Harrington would be a pleasure. As the sun set over the Scottish mountains and the spit roast deer crackled over the fire, the voices began again in Simon’s head, “we love you and we are coming.”

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