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This year at Bohemian Grove, Lord Harrington would have a lot of explaining to do. Why had he allowed this situation with one of his servants to get so out of hand, almost to the point of exposure? Yes, Harrington had cleaned up but there were still loose ends. Simon Hayne for one. Why had this long standing and loyal servant allowed the boy to take his own life rather than relish in his suffering? Of course Harrington knew Simon held a certain affection for Arthur but he needed him. Simon knew where the bodies were buried and how they got there. Simon had done most of the burying! This year, Harrington would have to explain this to his Archontic Masters. Not at the Burning of Cares Ceremony but later, much later and deeper in the forest where the real rituals took place.

Every July, amidst the giant redwoods of Monte Rio, California, the world’s most powerful men gather for 2 weeks of drunken debauchery and secret meetings. Among its alumni are presidents, prime ministers and of course, royalty. It is no surprise that the most deadly project in human history was hatched at this despicable event: The Manhattan Project, the creation of the atom bomb. However, a darker and more dangerous secret lies within the 2,700 acre compound. A secret so terrible that only those from ancient bloodlines are invited to the inner sanctum of Bohemian Grove. Only those who can trace their ancestors back to the Pharaohs and the rulers of Ancient Babylon. Only those with a birthright can attend the annual manifestation of their Archontic Masters.

The first time Lord Harrington had witnessed a full manifestation, it had rocked him to his core. Of course he had heard first-hand testimonies from his father but never really, truly accepted them as any more than exaggerated fairy stories. The reality was far, far worse than any of the tales he had been told whilst growing up in the Harrington Mansion. A full manifestation requires certain key ingredients. There are no hooded figures chanting and dancing around a bonfire. That’s for Hollywood and Druids. No, full manifestation takes place in a solitary log cabin, by candlelight and with one very special participant. A lone, unwilling and carefully selected participant. An act so vile and depraved that Harrington had vomited uncontrollably at his first manifestation. The torture and sacrifice of a human child.

The Archons feed on low frequency vibration emitted by humans at times of immense stress, pain and suffering. Hence, the need for a perpetual state of war, famine and fear. Existing just outside human perception, a tiny spectrum of visible light, Archontic entities are never far from a human food source. An invisible parasite, feeding off our misery, fears and tragedies, unable to fully enter our dimension and adopt a physical form, the Archons rely on an elite minority of ancient bloodlines to do their bidding in the physical realm. The Quran refers to these entities as the Jinn, Christians have their demons, Shamans have animal spirits and the Zulus, the Chitauli. All one and the same: the dictators, the ones who tell us the law. In other words, they who tell us, secretly, what we are to do. They control us, herded like cattle, nothing more than a source of nourishment.

A child’s terrified screams fill the balmy Californian night air. A small, smoke-like apparition begins to grow in the candlelight until the faint outline of a creature, a lizard, begins to emerge. Once again, Lord Peter Harrington is looking into the eyes of Satan.

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