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The world as we knew it did end but not in the way mankind expected, imagined or prophesied. The Book of Revelation was wrong on every count and subsequently proved to be nothing more than a hoax formulated by those who sought to control us many thousands of years ago. Indeed, the religious dogma of all faiths was a massive smokescreen proliferated by the same elite families which now reside in a hell of their own imagining. The end was gradual. No fire and brimstone; no four horsemen of the apocalypse and definitely no angry, wrath-driven God. In fact, it can only be described as a slow awakening or unveiling process which took place across several decades. At first, there were a few ‘awakes’ who were ridiculed and persecuted for their blasphemy and prophetic teachings. They were hounded, marginalized and often made to disappear when they got too close to the truth. ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ as they were known then, eccentrics, schizophrenics and psychics were all awake and seeing through the perception deception. Slowly, as their numbers increased to the millions upon millions, the veil began to lift.

The elite did not give up easily and their failed attempts to reset the order through nuclear holocaust were thwarted by what would previously have been called divine intervention. Many thousands of missiles were launched; none reached their targets or detonated. You see, the awakening was synchronised with the return of our creators. In their absence, Archontic entities had enslaved humanity. We had become nothing more than cattle to be herded and fed on by these non-physical entities who ruled and controlled us through our own perception of reality. Our creators’ journey, a matter of days for them, took many thousands of years here on earth.

There is no greater prison than one where the inmates are also the warders and no one can see the bars. The Archons relied on a bloodline of elite human families, protected through privilege and great wealth, to do their bidding. This system of using ruling elites to control mankind had worked perfectly for millennia but depended on complete invisibility and a system of dogma. As our spectrum of perception evolved beyond the five senses, they could no longer hide. There were no more shadows or corners in which to conceal themselves. They were there in plain site, exposed and vulnerable to the simplest weapon of all, defiance.

It started simply with people refusing to pay back credit card debt. A small movement at first, followed by mass refusal to comply. Very soon the courts were overwhelmed which allowed the next phase to begin, home repayments. Home buyers stopped paying their mortgages and, unable to process the litigation, the banks couldn’t foreclose or repossess properties. This led to greater defiance with the non payment of taxes, fines and government imposed penalties of every kind. There was no civil unrest.

Workers continued to work, teachers continued to teach and public order remained. The new technologies which had provided free, sustainable and clean energy continued to offer greater and greater gifts. Crops grew plentifully, pollution had dissipated significantly but the greatest gift of all was the one simple message that all eight billion human inhabitants received simultaneously. It came through dreams, through conscious and subconscious thought and above all, an overwhelming sense of mass euphoria. The message was simple and clear: “We love you and we are coming.”

Life was not easy and the elite used every method at their disposal to regain control. Propaganda through the churches, mosques, temples and synagogues using the age old threat of eternal damnation to instil fear and control, failed. Attempts at restricting food, medical supplies, travel, freedom of assembly were all thwarted by the workforce’s refusal to comply. Project Blue Beam, the projection of terrifying holographic images in the sky depicting gods, demons and attacking spacecraft, also failed. Power was slipping away. It was when the arms industry workers who had previously been protected, cosseted and adored by the elite finally withdrew their labour that the tipping point came. With no bullets, bombs or machines of mass destruction at their disposal and military personnel who had all received the same message, they hit the reset button. Reset back to the Stone Age and start again. Reset through global destruction of all life on the planet except for a chosen few. It failed.

Infinite consciousness, infinite awareness, all there has ever been and all there ever will be. Perhaps this is the only way to describe our returning creators. The creators of worlds can have no name or defined physical appearance, they just are. And now, we are one with them again. We are free to leave and rejoin our physical bodies at will. There is no death. We are free to travel to the far reaches of the universe and beyond. To explore other worlds and above all, to become creators of new worlds. We are free.

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